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PowerMILL 2011 Out Now

Powerful, efficient high-speed and five-axis CAM machining

PowerMILL 2011 makes the programming of safe toolpaths easier than ever thanks to new stock model engagement options that protect both the cutting tool and the machine from excessive loading.

Other enhancements include:-

  • New editing capabilities to simplify the machining of duplicate items
  • More versatile control of feedrates for leads and links
  • Improved sketching
  • Clearer dialogs for the complete range of strategies
PowerMILL 2011
Stock Model Engagement
  Stock Model Engagement  

Stock Model Engagement is a fantastic new option available within all finishing forms to accurately control the optimum amount of stock you wish to machine.

Benefits of this new option include:-

  • Avoids the tool damage that can occur when machining excess stock
  • Allows higher feedrates as excessive tool engagement is eliminated
  • Machining times are improved by removing toolpath segments which machine very little, or no material
Fixed Tool Axis Angles
  Fixed Tool Axis Angles  

There is a new option inside the tool axis form to lock the rotary axis of the machine tool to avoid unnecessary tool axis motion.

By reducing any unnecessary machine axis motion, you will also see improvements to surface finish and ultimately machining times.

Fixed Angle control is available for all tool axis definitions except for those with a tool axis of Fixed Direction and Automatic.

Smart Selection for Machining
  Smart Selection for Machining  

Similar to the drilling methods functionality in PowerMILL, Smart Selection allows you to import data and automatically select combinations of surfaces to machine based on colour, level or model name. These selections can be added to Thickness Sets and saved with a toolpath template.

Example ways to use this functionality include:-

  • Machine surfaces which are red or yellow on Level 15
  • Ignore surfaces in model “XXX” which are not green
Toolpath & Wireframe Transformation
  Toolpath and Wireframe Transformation  

Toolpath transformation is now much simpler and multiple transformations can be performed at the same time.

A new toolbar allows a choice of translation, mirror, rotation or pattern transformation and a preview picture allows the required transformations to be viewed immediately.

Similar functionality has been added in the Curve Editor for Patterns and Boundaries.

Tool Holder and Shank Definition
  Tool Holder and Shank Definition  

The tool holder and shank can now be defined directly from a pattern.

Complex tool assemblies can now be defined quickly and easily by way of the PowerMILL curve editor or via imported profiles.

It is also possible to draw the shank and holder when the tool is drawn on the cursor.

Lead In Lead Out Feedrates
  Lead In Lead Out Feedrates  

The Lead in & Lead out feedrates can now be defined independently of the main cutting feedrate.

Slower material entry and exit will help to improve tool life and minimise the risk of part damage in brittle materials.

Improved Toolpath Boundary Limiting
  Improved Toolpath Boundary Limiting  

A significant improvement has been made to the way toolpaths are limited to boundaries.

Toolpaths are now trimmed using a 3D limiting method, ensuring better and more accurate results.

Toolpath and Boundary Outside Block
  Toolpath and Boundary Outside Block  

Toolpaths and Boundaries can now be extended beyond the block limits.

This functionality will help to ensure that all parts of the model are machined.

Block Enhancements
  Gestion des blocs  

Il y a eu quelques améliorations concernant les formes des blocs :

  • Les surfaces références peuvent maintenant être prise en considération dans le calcul des tailles des blocs
  • le bloc ou le modèle peut désormais être sauvegardé en tant que fichier DMT ou STL.

Curve Editor Improvements
  Edition de courbes

Plusieurs améliorations ont été apportées à la barre outils "Edition de courbes"

  • Vous pouvez désormais créer un arc tangent aux lignes et arcs existants ou à des points spécifiques grâce au bouton "Arc 3 points"
  • Les filets peuvent être modifiés de deux manières
  • Vous pouvez désormais créer une ligne tangente à la courbe
  • Egalement applicable aux frontières et aux motifs


Please Check for Updates

The latest full release version and update patches are always available for electronic download from the product updates site http://updates.delcam.com.

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